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Intramural Soccer

Our Intramural Soccer Program is designed to introduce soccer to Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders. The ultimate goal is to provide a fun environment where the children learn to love the game of soccer, introduce and learn fundamental soccer skills, and to prepare players for our Recreational Soccer programs. IM Soccer is split into two divisions, U6 & U7, and U8.

Recreational Soccer

Our Recreational (Rec) Program is a beginner to intermediate level competitive soccer program designed to provide a fun learning environment that promotes player growth. It is both a continuation of the player's development from the IM program and an entry level program for players that are new to the game. The program will continue to focus on developing players' individual ball skills through both practice and match play. In addition to individual skill development, players will develop an increased understanding of the game's rules, tactics and strategies. Players can also choose to continue to play at the REC level to 8th grade.

Travel Soccer

Our Travel Soccer program is to provide a highly competitive soccer experience for intermediate to advanced level players that will allow them to reach their maximum potential. To achieve this objective, the program will continue to teach and develop individual skills, techniques, tactics, fitness, and psychology necessary to become quality soccer players. The Travel program is an elevated level of competition from the Rec program and should give the players with advanced skill and desire to play the opportunity to compete against players of equal or better skill level. Travel players will commit to the team for the fall and spring seasons, play in tournaments, and train on their own time.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Saucon Valley Soccer League is looking for sponsors for Fall Intramural Soccer UniformTees. Your $200 contribution will pay for customized uniform Tee's with your business name for one Intramural team. We will also include your business name and logo on our website, Facebook page, and correspondence for the remainder of the season.

Any other donations made to the club will be given a shout-out on our Facebook page and will be put towards equipment, scholarships, and tournaments.

If you would like to be a sponsor or have any questions about sponsorships, please contact us at sauconsoccerleague@gmail.com!

Thank you for considering sponsorship!

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